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5 Things to ask when planning a home extension

Home extension

You don’t have to scroll through countless home extension reviews in Melbourne to know that for many people, planning a home home extension is a daunting project. We’ve all heard of horror stories about renovations gone wrong. But experts say it doesn’t have to be that way. With some considered research, smart advice and good decisions, you can launch a building project that will improve your home and lifestyle for years to come.  


Questions before starting the a home extension or renovation. 


  1. What’s the first move to planning a home extension?


All home extension projects, regardless of scale, require custom design and planning. When done right, this improves livability and adds value to your property. That is why your first step should be to get professional help at the design stage. Doing so gives you the best plan to work within your budget.   

Seek recommendations for a local draftsperson, building designer, or architect from family, friends and colleagues. From here, you can make a shortlist and choose who best fits your budget and vision.    

Some renovation and extension builders in Melbourne offer a free design consultation. At Hille’s Home Extensions, an experienced designer will discuss your project with you at no cost; including possible designs, building materials, council regulations, time frames and prices.                                                                      


  1. Who is a home extension for?


This is another question you need to ask yourself during the planning and design stage: who is the project for and what are you trying to achieve?  

Are you extending your house to address the needs of a growing family? Or are the children grown and so likely to get their own places soon? Are you doing this to accommodate visiting grandparents and/or other guests? Or is it purely about you realising the home you’ve always dreamed of?   

Answering these questions will better inform your decisions and will help the professionals choose the best and most cost-efficient design for you.  


  1. Is there enough space for a home extension?


Another important thing to consider is space. Do you have enough real estate to work with? Are you planning an extra bedroom? Or do you want a bigger kitchen? Or perhaps an outdoor dining and entertaining area? Estimate how much space your project will require by mapping out the dimensions of the proposed additions. You can use a rope or other marking tools as well as the size of your existing rooms as a guide.  


  1. How about going up?


If there’s no more space left at ground level, then consider adding a second storey. Adding another level is great for maximizing space and enhancing the look of your home. However, it may not be the most cost-effective option because removing the roof, replacing it with a new floor and supporting the new upper floor requires a lot of work. Working with a good architect, designer, and Melbourne renovation builders can help balance aesthetics and the practical considerations your project requires. 


  1. How to make a home extension cost effective.


Home extensions require demolition. Demolition is a lot of work. When breaking down a wall, you need to consider the potential structural modifications that come with it. It can be costly and  involve dealing with carpenters, masons, and painters. Electricians, plumbers, and other skilled Melbourne renovation builders may also be required depending on the rooms that will be affected by your extension. Make sure to ask your architect to design your vision wherever possible without the need for demolishing too many walls. 

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