Part of our concept of “home” is as a place of refuge from the outside world. It’s somewhere we can feel safe, both physically and psychologically, and bedrooms play their own uniquely important role in this.

The bedroom is the one room in the house within which each member of the family – including overnight guests – can fairly and reasonably assume a sense of greater control over their environment.

Once in our bedroom, we are empowered to make choices independent of our living group. We decide for ourselves who enters and for how long, we determine the lighting and sound according to our particular mood, we get to personalise the space in a way that reflects our identity and we are free to use our bedroom in a way that meets our specific needs.

In light of the contribution bedrooms make in the maintenance of our wellbeing, it comes as no surprise that bedrooms are one of the most common target areas in home renovations and home extensions. Let’s take a moment for some bedroom talk; to consider if the bedrooms in your home are craving some love.



The Master Bedroom

For many adults, the bedroom acts as a sanctuary; a private space away from the hustle and bustle of life. It is a welcoming space into which one can retreat leaving the demands and stressors of the day behind. This need for an area that provides relaxation and respite can increase exponentially almost overnight once children come into the picture!

Master bedrooms have certainly come into their own in recent years. Dressing rooms, defined spaces to unwind, luxurious ensuites or even internal bathing areas; these are all design ideas that many homeowners are now incorporating into the master bedroom.

So whether your home has spacious bedrooms with plenty of room for a master suite, or you need to knock through to a smaller box room to create one larger bedroom, take the opportunity to fully explore the possibilities out there as you go about realising your ultimate at-home retreat. Your future self will thank you!



The Kid’s Bedroom

A healthy sense of control is important for any child, from a toddler through to a teenager, and their bedroom is the perfect space for giving youngsters the experience of this.

Your child’s bedroom offers an environmental dimension to autonomy, providing a place for expressions of individuality and independence, whilst also enabling exploration and development of their burgeoning identity.

More dramatic colour choices and wall treatments are a growing trend in kids’ bedrooms as children are being given a greater say in creating their own bedroom sanctuaries and are being encouraged to embrace design choices that are personal to them.

Getting to choose the doona cover or decide on posters for the walls have been superseded however. These days kids are looking at options including anything from graffiti murals to fluorescent light installations, mini basketball hoops and built-in sleeping structures incorporating monkey bars, innovative storage, stylish study nooks and chillout zones.



The Guest Bedroom

Guest bedrooms have come a long way. No longer just a queen-size bed and a side table, in many contemporary homes guest bedrooms are destination rooms; and are as much a welcomed, private space for overnight visitors as they are a quiet place for household members to retreat to when the home is without guests but bustling nonetheless.

Home renovations and extensions provide an opportunity to create the ideal additional room for refuge, and many homeowners opt to fashion a space reminiscent of a favourite destination.

Guest bedroom trends that have gained popularity are the addition of a coffee bar or mini fridge; the inclusion of a desk for guests who work remotely and so will need a private place to have a Zoom call or check emails; the incorporation of specialty lighting; and decorating with elements that are specific to your home’s geographic location, such as items that reflect a coastal, rural or metropolitan environment.

While homes originated as a place for us to feel safe – to protect us from predators, weather, and other people – if you’ve ever found yourself hiding in your bedroom in order to get a little alone time, you’ll appreciate the value this room alone has in helping to maintain your physical and psychological health.

It’s worth taking the time to assess how well the bedrooms in your home are meeting the needs of those who use them. In terms of the overall wellbeing of yourself and those you love, it may be that a home renovation or home extension is well overdue.

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