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A ground floor extension is a great way to create additional space within your home whilst also increasing property value. Perhaps you have outgrown your current home or have a new family member on the way. A ground floor extension or an additional room is the ideal way to maximise space without the costs and stress associated with selling your home and upsizing.


Hille's Home Extensions has over 60 years experience building ground floor extensions and room additions across Melbourne, reach out today for a free no-obligation consultation and let's work together to build your dream home.  

Ground Floor Extensions
Ground Floor Extension & Renovation: Fairfield, Melbourne


The good news is your ground floor home extension probably won't cost as much as you think and is often the most cost-effective way to achieve your dream home. Planning is key when it comes to saving money on a home extension. Do all your costings during the planning phase, remember to include furnishing and appliances, as well as any council fees and excavation work.

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Ground floor extension vs second storey extension? We often speak to homeowners who shy away from a second storey extension in favour of a ground floor additon as they presume it's the cost-cutting option. This is a common misconception and the reality is each build is very unique and costs are determined by a number of factors such as the scale of build, access to the site as well as fixtures and fittings. One of the main recommendations we make to our clients is to go for the option that will best utilise your available space and what works for your families lifestyle.

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How to find the right builder for your ground floor home extension? Not all builders are the same, different builders have different specialities. Make sure your ground floor extension is being built by specialist home extension and renovation builders with the relevant accreditations and licenses.

A reputable builder will have a large portfolio of completed projects, do your homework and make sure to find testimonials and references from other ground floor extension builds they have completed.



The consultation meeting helps us take the time to really understand your families requirements, we assess your property and develop an accurate picture of your end goal enabling a better design response to your families lifestyle, style preference and budget.


You will be assigned your own designer who will work closely with you to design your dream ground floor extension. We use the best technology available so we can provide you with the highest quality 3d rendered designs, this allows you to see your design come to life and ensure it's just right before construction commences.


Once you have approved the design and we have planning and approvals in place the build begins all managed by the expert Hille's team.