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Extending your home

5 tips for extending your home

Spend a few minutes reading through Melbourne extensions and designs forums and you will immediately know that extending your home is not a walk in the park. Without proper planning and process, home extensions can turn into a nightmare scenario. But it doesn’t have to be that way according to experts. With the right advice, considerations and strategy, you can move forward confidently with your extension project and improve your overall lifestyle for the foreseeable future.


We’ve already discussed where to start in the article 5 Things to ask when extending your home; the purpose for the build, the space available and the cost. So here are 5 more things to ask yourself during the planning stage of extending your home.


  1. Does the extension need to match the existing house?


The second most exciting thing about extending your home – after seeing the finished project! – is the chance to play with designs. It’s perfectly fine if you choose the safe approach of matching with the existing construction, but no rule book says you have to limit your imagination. 


Adopting a contrasting style opens you up to endless, exciting possibilities. You can mix and match different styles, textures, proportions, and many more. Work with a professional building designer to make sure that whatever style you land on will remain tasteful and in line with housing codes. 


Some Melbourne builders such as Hille’s Home Extensions, offer a complete and customised solution, from the initial design right through to construction. One of their experienced designers will be glad to discuss your project with you at no cost; including possible designs, building materials, council regulations, time frames and prices.


  1. Whn extending your home, do you want more sunlight?


In addition to colors, ceiling heights, and surfaces, homeowners who extend their houses almost always go for natural light and ventilation. The key here is to know where north is – so you need to have an idea of where the sun shines throughout the day, especially during autumn/winter. This is particularly important if you are planning to add a room with large windows that require natural light and warmth to make the space more comfortable. 


Be aware however of how sun-exposed windows will be in the scorching summer. This is another example of the value in working with home renovation Melbourne experts – as they can walk you through the ideal orientation, glazing specs, and proper shading of elements. 


  1. Do we have to move out of the house?


Another thing you need to figure out during the planning stage is the possibility of having to move out and change your routine. Major renovations can make living in your home difficult throughout the build. Some owners opt for motels or to rent elsewhere, while others set up temporary shelters like motorhomes or camping tents. Others tough it out by ‘staging’ the project so they can move from one part of the house while work is being done at another. 


  1. How do I find a good builder to extend your home?


Finding a good builder is important. You should pick a company with relevant experience who understands and can execute your vision, and who can work with your set budget. You can hit up family and friends to hook you up with tried and tested contractors. From there you can shortlist your leads and choose one that fits your needs and preferences.


  1. How long will the extending your home take?


The duration of home extension projects in Melbourne vary depending on the scale and duration of the works. Simple roofing extensions or quick kitchen renovations can range from a few days to a couple of weeks. But larger projects that deal with wet areas and storey additions may take up to a couple of months to a year—so plan everything carefully.

For more tips on everything you need to know around home extensions and renovtions, be sure to check out our helpful hints and tips page.

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