Dream Palm Springs Transformation

In this considerable extension and renovation, an award-winning design successfully transformed the pre-existing dilapidated house into a stunning home that will cater to a growing and multi-generational family for many years to come.

The original home was found to be out of level (not plumb and square). Additionally, the lower and upper floor levels were concrete. Given the inflexibility of concrete, this posed a further degree of difficulty.

The Client considered a knock down and rebuild but opted for a renovation and extension for a comparable cost. The now modern, state-of-the-art home showcases what a strong client brief, imaginative design and the use of various materials can achieve when renovating.

As desired by the Client, the design successfully took into account:

  • the Client’s unique skill set, incorporating their professional works consisting of terrazzo, granite and stone installations.
  • features that were considerate of the Client’s elderly father, namely his privacy and ease of access to the house, the courtyard, his bedroom and ensuite.
  • the creation of a home that would cater to a growing family for many years to come. To this end, the design includes multiple breakout spaces, well-sized bedrooms and extensive storage.

The design also maximises natural light with its positioning of large feature windows and doors. This creates a warm, light-filled home and enables the enjoyment of the considerable views of the surrounding nature reserve.

Energy efficiency was of additional importance to the Client. Accordingly, a 6-star energy rating was achieved through the use of thermally broken and double-glazed windows and doors, as well as high rating insulation to new roofed areas and new external walls, and mid-floor insulation.