Family Room

When this family approached Hille’s Home Extensions they had a fair idea about the result
they wanted for their original Victorian semi.

“We knew what we wanted, shopped around and found that HHE was well known in the area
and well priced”.



Ground Floor - Three bedrooms, kitchen, dining, living room, bathroom, laundry and


Ground Floor - Four bedrooms, kitchen, dining, family room, bathroom, laundry and pergola.

With a young family, the homeowners wanted to remodel and extend the rear of their home
to create more living space. When they purchased the lovely period home in 2003, part of
their consideration during the purchase process was that they would need to undertake an
extension project in the near future.

Damien says “We knew we had to do something when we bought the property.”

With the Hille’s Home Extension designer they set about relocating the laundry and
extending the bathroom. From the well-designed laundry across the hall to the bathroom, the
light contemporary feel is maintained throughout the highly functional design of these smaller

The repositioned and remodeled kitchen is stunning. With modern appliances it shares a
large open space with the dining and living areas. Standard Victorian fittings were used in
the project to retain the period feel of the home while good design modernised the function
of the spaces.

During the extension and remodelling project, the owners chose to invest in a central heating
system. Donna says “We took the opportunity to install central heating in the roof. The whole
living area is wonderfully warm now.”

The back wall of the residence is heavily glazed which delivers abundant natural light and
warmth to the most used rooms in the home. The view to the backyard has been enhanced
dramatically which works well for the young family. Donna says “I can watch the kids in the
backyard and know they’re safe.”

In the front part of the home, the hall was extended across where the old living room used to
be - one of the original four front rooms - and is now an enclosed fourth bedroom.
Outside, the old paving and pergola were demolished and in their place an attractive
verandah established for al fresco entertaining was constructed. The backyard now has form
and function - and still plenty of room to play.

Damien and Donna are thrilled with the result and say “The project was a dream run. It went
so smoothly we couldn’t believe it.”