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If you are finding yourself in need of more space and don't want to lose any more land it might be time to take your home up a level. A second storey extension can create that much needed additional space for your family and also adds value to your home.

Hille's Home Extensions is one of Melbourne's leading master builders with over 60 years experience building second storey extensions and additions. Whether you want to increase your living space for your growing family, build your dream kitchen or make the most of those panoramic views of Melbourne, Hille's is here to help you get started with your second storey extension.

Second Storey Extensions
Second Storey Extension & Renovation: Northcote, Melbourne


Second storey extension vs ground floor addition? We often see homeowners shy away from exploring a second storey extension presuming a ground floor addition is the more cost-effective option. This is a common misconception and the reality is every build is unique and costs are determined by a number of factors including scale of the build, site access as well as what additional rooms you require and quality of fittings and fixtures.

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Here's a helpful guide on what to consider when building a second storey extension in Melbourne.
A second storey extension is a great way to create space and add value to your Melbourne home. Here's some other top benefits you may not have considered:

  • Going up a level typically has less impact on your block space.
  • Allows you to take advantage of those views of where you live.
  • The potential option to live on the ground floor whilst the second storey is being built.
  • Gain more living space without needing to relocate.
There are a number of factors which determine the complexity of a build including design, access to site and planning permissions. Depending on the complexity of the build a second storey extension can take as little as 16 weeks for smaller additions to over 12 months for bigger more complex double-storey builds. Speak to one of our specialist consultants today for an initial discussion around your project requirements.



The consultation meeting helps us take the time to really understand your requirements. We assess your property and develop an accurate picture of your end goal enabling a better design response to your families lifestyle, style preference and budget.


You will be assigned your own designer who will work closely with you to design your dream second storey extension. We use the best technology available so we can provide you with the highest quality 3D rendered designs. This allows you to see your design come to life and ensure it's just right before construction commences.


Once you have approved the design and we have planning and approvals in place the build begins all managed by the expert Hille's team.