It’s here: handover day. Your house extension or renovation is finished, you’ve bid your Hille’s builder a sweet adieu, and you’re ready to get your upgraded property on the market. Freshly renovated home extensions may be ticking all the boxes when it comes to lighting, flooring, and finishes, but what about the styling? There are some clear rules when it comes to styling a property for sale, but it doesn’t need to be hard – or expensive.

Rule 1: What Would Marie Kondo Do?

We’re not saying you should start throwing out couches and tables that don’t bring joy – instead, get rid of the clutter. This Templestowe Hille’s renovation is a great example of how elegant a space can look when knick knacks are pared right back. The only thing on your kitchen bench should be perhaps a simple fruit bowl or flowers, like at this Northcote Hille’s renovation. Clear surfaces make rooms appear bigger, and are a great way to showcase beautiful furniture or stone benchtops.


Rule 2: Pack Pictures Away

You may love your family photos and happy snaps on display, but a potential buyer may be put off. It’s best to make your property as neutral as possible for a buyer, so they can form their own attachments to the place. Pack away any personal photographs and stick to artwork on the walls.


Rule 3: Cean!

The golden rule when styling for sale is to make sure everything is spic and span! It goes without saying that a dirty house is not appealing, and it will probably put potential buyers off. Don’t forget mirrors and windows – grubby finger marks on glass surfaces will be a total eyesore.


Rule 4: The Final Touches

Think fluffy towels in the bathroom; clean and crease-free bed covers; and nice plump throw cushions in the living room. It’s often the little things that we don’t notice unless there’s something wrong – so put your old threadbare towels out of sight and keep a new set especially for your property viewings.


Rule 5: When In Doubt, Outsource!

Home extensions may mean you have a new room (or two!) that need furnishing. If you’re low on furnishings, or are selling a rental property, you might want to consider hiring a home stager. These professionals style homes for a living, and have an arsenal of chic furniture and artwork to jazz up your space. It may seem like overkill, but staging a room can help buyers see the potential in a property.

You’ve put a lot of effort into your house extension, so make sure it’s given the best possible chance when it comes to sale time.